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Our values are the right guidance on our actions in the business, which are based on Quality, Integrity, and Reliability. We are committing to serve our customers by providing reliable products and excellent after sales service
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Located in the central of Jakarta, ANRES is the trusted machinery suppliers for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and beverages manufacturing companies in Indonesia. ANRES is providing advanced technology products that are customised on your specific needs. ANRES has experienced and well expertised team which have become the key to our success and achieve its mission to assist and improve our customer’s production capabitlity and efficiency.

Besides focusing on selecting the best products for its customer, ANRES always focus on after sales service which is fundamental to give the best support to all customers. ANRES has a wide range of products for different kinds of application. The sales team are able to discuss on every projects by guiding the customers to select the suitable machine and solution