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Machine Models Stick Pack
Stick pack solution for food, cosmetic and chemical industries

The an650 is a stick pack multilane machine designed to cover the needs of the Food, Beverage, Cosmetic and Chemical industries. It can be adapted to work with any type of product – regardless of whether it is in pieces, granular, powder or liquid form. With a simple and compact design, it offers a free access without tools to main components, allows a fast and easy changeover and it is built up with high resistance and long durability components. All this helps to reduce downtimes and drives to an OEE over 95%.

Main features
4-16 lanes
High output: up to 1.800 spm depending on the product and the format.
Quick format change with few tools.
High performance, accuracy and reliability: OEE > 95%.
User friendly.
Systems for transfer to secondary packaging equipment.
Free access to main components for cleaning (Tool-free).
Flexible and compact design suitable for any product (granular, pieces, liquid or powder).
Downtime reduction
Centralised lubrication.
HMI with multiple recipes - immediate recall of each format parameters.
Easy and fast film replacement using film splicer.
Centralised electric, pneumatic and mechanical systems.
Low operational costs
Savings on:

Space (reduced footprint).
Material (42% in film).
Low maintenance requirements.
Additional items
Filling and feeding systems.
Quality control systems.
Coding systems.
Cleaning and sterilisation systems.
Technical table
Concept Data
Max. reel width: 650 mm
Lanes number: 4-16 lanes
Stick pack width range: 17-80 mm
Max. stick pack length: 180 mm*
Reel shaft: 76 mm
Ø Reel max: 450 mm
Max. production: 1.000 spm
Standard power consumption: 5 kW
Standard air consumption (l./min): 220 l.
*Other dimensions under request

Optimal implementation and performance.

Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) >95%

Downtime reduction due to user friendly and simple design, low maintenance and easy access.

Personalised Customer Service; following up and supporting with local technicians or ARANOW staff. CARE – DELIVER - SATISFY

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