BOSSAR  B Basic Series<br>B1000<br><br>
B Basic Series

Small and compact, the B 1000 HFFS machine is ideal to produce 3- and 4-side sealed pouches to fill a small amount of product, and for single-dose sachets for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries.

Wet wipes filling and string sachets are among its multiple packaging applications.

It can incorporate 3 different types of interchangeable filling units and reach a speed of up to 90 pouches per minute depending on the product to be filled.

Mechanical technology consisting of cams.

Walking beam
Traditional walking beam transport system consisting of beams and grippers. They hold the pouches and transport them through the different stations, from the pouch forming to the pouch closing.

Mirror machine
Placing one standard machine in front of the other operating the opposite direction makes operating easier and reduces staff required to control them.
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