Autoclave Steam Steriliser FOF seriesAutoclave (Steam Steriliser) FOF series
FOF series is the synthesis of Fedegari’s approach: work hard to create simplicity to you, without compromising performance. Fedegari guarantees the highest performances thanks to its experience and daily work with customers: engineering solutions, developing software and components.

FOF series is the most flexible solution for multi-purpose sterilization in bio-pharma industries. From solids and porous to liquids in open or non-hermetically sealed containers. FOF saturated steam sterilizer is suitable for tyndallization, pastorization and inactivation.

Design and technical features

AISI 316 stainless steel chamber, which can have a circular or square section, according to customer’s or process’ need.
Chamber range from 200 to 6800 liters, but loading capacity is fully customizable, according to customer’ need.
Chamber internal surface is electropolished and complies with rigorous pharmaceutical standards, with a roughness Ra<0,4μm.
Can have one or two doors with vertical or hinged opening systems to cope with available space in the smartest possible way.
4 load probes per chamber to monitor chamber and product temperature.

“After I took over in my factory I have got to know the management system and the high standards of Fedegari. People here is very serious and precise. They know what they are talking about. I am totally satisfied with the steam sterilizers (FOF) we have purchased and with the solutions proposed by Fedegari.”

Liu Jian – Deputy General Manager

ChangShan Bio – China

“When choosing our suppliers we focus on the quality standards they can offer. Fedegari is a great company. Everything here is so organized, the people take your project very seriously and you can see they work hard to deliver you the best solutions. We are very satisfied with our saturated steam sterilizer (FOF).”

Wu Dandan, Quality Assurance

ChangShan Bio – China