IDTA Spray Drying System<br><br>
Spray Drying System

Found in 1980, IDTA Machinery CO.,LTD has accumulated more than 45 years experience in designing, manufacturing , installing and testing various Open/Closed cycle spraying dryers. Our spray dryers have received superior reputation both domestically and aboard. Over the past decade, IDTA machinery has established strong relationship with our customers in food, Pharmaceuticals/Biotech, Electric and Chemical industrial. We have made significant achievement in these areas with our excellent tradition. We have our own factory that has capacity in design and manufacture. Our staff has been trained in Japan with a comprehensive and rigorous program. We support our customers very well since 1980. IDTA also has technological cooperation with Chub Netsu Industries Company, which has 50 years experience in Japan . We have many years experience in various kinds of spray dryers. We guarantee that our machine will be custom-made based on your specifications. We provide excellent post-sale service. Our goal is to supply you with a well-built and durable machine that is of high performance and efficiency.

lWe would like to emphasize here, IDTA machinery company in fact has its own manufacturing factory (we are not the business agent). We have the ability to provide the best service and ensure the highest performance of our product. Our buyer has had a great confidence on us. Since we marketed our product, we have been receiving numerous positive comments.
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